Code of Ethics and Organisational, Management and Control Model 

Social responsibility is an essential component of the self-image of the Eni group and the way the group acts. The group's aim has always been to combine competitiveness with sustainability.

This is a challenge in which the company strives to achieve lasting growth, innovation and economic success. At the same time Eni places great emphasis on improving the quality of life, developing working standards, protecting human rights and promoting an environment-friendly development. In doing so it demonstrates its ability to integrate itself into various cultures and fields.

This commitment is reflected in Eni's principles, guidelines and management decisions, which characterize and shape the way it operates. It promotes creativity and innovation with the aim of establishing a culture of sustainability and strengthening the trust of stakeholders.

It is an obligation that is reflected in the company's mission statement and is aimed at continually expanding assets and developing those aspects relevant to people, society and the environment. This investment in the competitiveness and future of the company is based on Eni's code of ethics, as well as high standards with respect to the way the company is managed in accordance with national and international laws and agreements.

Eni understands the links between energy supply, progress and the environment, as well as the vision of a world that is open to the needs of everyone. It has been a pioneer in meeting these major challenges, which will shape our society and its sustainable development. The goals that have already been achieved and the recognition the company has received confirm the efficacy of this model and its future viability.

Against this background and in the interest of reinforcing our commitment, Eni has developed an Organizational, Management and Control Model (Model 231) that ensures Eni”s compliance with the Italian legislative decree 231 of 8 June 2001 and prevents misconduct related to the administrative liability of the company as sanctioned by this legislation. In the following Eni's single companies in Austria adopted the model according to local and structural conditions.



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