Anticorruption and Whistleblowing

Eni considers corruption to be an intolerable obstacle to business efficiency and fair competition. To this end, Eni considers ethical integrity, full respect of the law and regulations, and fairness to be constant commitments of all of its personnel.

Eni’s Code of Ethics expressly prohibits "corruption, illegitimate favours, collusion, solicitation, direct or via third parties, of personal or career advantage for oneself or others".

To implement this commitment in the business, in November 2009 the company voluntarily extended its compliance program to the risks of corruption, adopting the Anti-Corruption Guidelines and their Ancillary Procedures. Thus, for example, the management of gifts, financial advantages or other benefits is regulated in a specific procedure.

Furthermore, Eni’s Whistleblowing reporting channel allows employees, members of corporate bodies or third parties to forward (including confidentially or anonymously) complaints relating to problems in the internal control system (compliance with law and corporate policies, guidelines or procedures, fraud involving corporate assets, financial reporting, administrative liability of the Company, etc.) or other violations of the Code of Ethics (issues involving ethical conduct, mobbing, harassment, conflicts relating to human resource management, etc.).



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